How do you make pride on little alchemy?

How do you make pride on little alchemy? rainbow rain + sun. rain + light. water + light. cloud + light. water + sun. sun + prism. light + prism.

How do you make pride on little alchemy? 

  1. rain + sun.
  2. rain + light.
  3. water + light.
  4. cloud + light.
  5. water + sun.
  6. sun + prism.
  7. light + prism.

What does double rainbow mix with in little alchemy? 

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Complete Element Combination List for Little Alchemy 2.

Resulting Element Ingredient Combination(s)
Double Rainbow! rainbow, rainbow

How do you make God on little alchemy? 

How to Create a God in Little Alchemy
  1. Combine earth + water. You’ll create mud.
  2. Combine air + air. You’ll create pressure.
  3. Combine earth + pressure. You’ll create stone.
  4. Combine sand + mud. You’ll create clay.
  5. Combine clay + life. You’ll create human.
  6. Finally, combine human + immortality to create a deity.

How do you get Shrek in little alchemy? A sky and a mouse. Mouse and air. A mouse + atmosphere.

How do you make pride on little alchemy? – Additional Questions

How do you make Doge in little alchemy?

  1. Dog + Internet.
  2. Dog + Computer.

What can love make in little alchemy?

Little Alchemy 2
Element Recipes
CupidDLC Love + DeityDLC
Family Love + Container
Ring Love + Gold Love + Diamond Love + Metal Love + Steel
Rose Love + Plant Love + Flower

How do you make hero on little alchemy?

  1. human + legend.
  2. dragon + knight.
  3. human + story.
  4. human + lightning.

How do you make shark on little alchemy?

  1. ocean + blood.
  2. sea + blood.
  3. ocean + wolf.
  4. sea + wolf.
  5. fish + blood.
  6. fish + wolf.

How do you make sloth in little alchemy?

  1. time + animal.
  2. tree + manatee.

How do you make a Ninja Turtle in Little Alchemy?

ninja turtle
  1. turtle + ninja.
  2. turtle + shuriken.
  3. turtle + katana.

How do you make Sonic on little alchemy?

  1. animal + needle.
  2. mouse + needle.
  3. needle + rat.

How do you make a Mecha Godzilla on little alchemy?

1. To make Godzilla in Little Alchemy 1 and Little Alchemy 2, you’ll need to combine a dinosaur with a city. 2. In Little Alchemy 2, Godzilla is called Kaiju.

How do you make dark in little alchemy?

Little Alchemy 2
  1. Sky + Night.
  2. Sky + Twilight.

How do you make a twilight in little alchemy?

  1. day + night.
  2. time + day.

What does force Knight make in Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2
Element Recipes
Light sword Sword + Force knight

How do you make moo in Little Alchemy 2?

  1. sky + cheese.
  2. sky + planet.
  3. sky + stone.
  4. night + planet.
  5. stone + night.
  6. earth + night.
  7. cheese + night.
  8. sky + time.

How do you make hot in little alchemy?

Little Alchemy 2
  1. Fire + Fire → Energy.
  2. Air + Energy → Heat.

How do you make a ice cream in little alchemy?

ice cream
  1. milk + cold.
  2. milk + ice.
  3. milk + snow.

How do you make a cloud in Little Alchemy 2?

Best Way To Make a Cloud
  1. Earth + Earth = Land.
  2. Land + Land = Continent.
  3. Continent + Continent = Planet.
  4. Air + Planet = Atmosphere.
  5. Atmosphere + Water = Cloud.

How do you make cool stuff on little alchemy?

The following items can be made from the four basic elements.
  1. Lava: Combine earth and water.
  2. Energy: Combine air and fire.
  3. Steam: Combine fire and water.
  4. Dust: Combine earth and air.
  5. Mud: Combine earth and water.
  6. Rain: Combine air and water.
  7. Sea: Combine two waters.
  8. Pressure: Combine two air or two earth.
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